The NIHMS Step-by-Step Tutorials illustrate with screen captures how to perform various actions in the NIHMS system.

There are two versions available for each help topic:   a hyperlinked HTML display and a PDF file.

Submission Help for Authors/PIs

Deposit Files: Instructions for authors and PIs submitting a manuscript.

Initial Approval: Instructions for authors and PIs who have been notified via e-mail that a submission has been initiated on their behalf.

Associating Funding at Initial Approval: In-depth instructions for authors and PIs linking funding to a submission during the initial approval process.

Final Approval: Instructions for authors and PIs who have been notified via e-mail that the PMC-ready version of their manuscript is ready for final review.

Submission Help for Non-Authors/Non-PIs

Deposit Files: Instructions for a third party (e.g., assistant, librarian, publisher) starting a submission on behalf of an author or PI.

Additional Help

Questions about the NIHMS process? See the NIHMS FAQ. If your question or concern is not addressed there, please contact the Help Desk.

Questions about PMC (PubMed Central)? See the PMC FAQ for Authors.

Questions about Public Access? For general information, see the Public Access overview. If you have a question pertaining to a specific public access policy, see the Funders page.

Help

For assistance with accessing the NIHMS system via the following sign-in routes:

CDC sign-in (for CDC intramural researchers)

eRA sign-in (for NIH, AHRQ, CDC, FDA, and VA extramural PIs, grantees, or applicants)

HHMI sign-in (for HHMI investigators)

My NCBI sign-in (for publishers and other third parties)

NIH sign-in (for intramural NIH scientists and staff)