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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is NIHMS?
  2. What funders does NIHMS support?
  3. When should a manuscript be submitted to NIHMS?
  4. What steps are involved in the NIHMS process?
  5. What login route should I select on the NIHMS home page?
  6. What is the relationship/difference between a Submitter, Reviewer, Pending Reviewer, Verified Author, and PI in NIHMS?
  7. What do statuses mean in NIHMS?
  8. What files should I submit to NIHMS?
  9. Should I deposit supplementary material and/or additional supporting data files when submitting a manuscript to NIHMS?
  10. What file format should I use when submitting a manuscript to NIHMS?
  11. What is the release delay (embargo) requested when submitting a manuscript to NIHMS?
  12. How do I find out whether a manuscript has already been submitted to NIHMS?
  13. What is the language of he NIHMS submission statement to which I must agree?
  14. Can a publisher submit a paper to PubMed Central on my behalf?
  15. When will a PMCID be assigned to an NIHMS manuscript?
  16. How can I take over Reviewer responsibilities for a submission in NIHMS?
  17. How can I monitor an NIHMS record with which I am not yet associated?
  18. How can I make changes to a manuscript in NIHMS?
  19. Why hasn't the submitter provided the final published version of the manuscript to NIHMS?
  20. How do I associate funding with an NIHMS submission?
  21. What funding should I link to an NIHMS submission?
  22. What options does a publisher have for depositing papers in PubMed Central?
  23. How does a publisher request removal of an NIHMS manuscript that appears in PMC in conflict with the author's transfer of copyright to the journal?
  24. What if a publisher has questions not addressed in the NIHMS FAQ?
  25. How does a publisher submit manuscripts to NIHMS on behalf of authors?